Call Of Duty Modern Warfare has been constantly getting great new updates thanks to Infinity Ward and Activision. Season 4 got yet another major update called ‘Season 4 Reloaded’ which includes a ton of additions to Warzone and Modern Warfare as well. Fans were a little annoyed with the size of the update but the additions are exciting.

A lot of weapon adjustments were announced, a new map and Team Defender game mode also made a comeback. Ground War, Blueprint Gunfight, Shoot the Ship 24/7, Gunfight Tournaments, Realism Mosh pit are also now available.

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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare New Easter Egg

A new map called ‘Cheshire Park’ was added to Modern Warfare which is set in London. The map features a statue of the Pied Piper where the discovery of the Easter Egg was made. The Pied Piper’s story is a German myth wherein a town hired a piper to get rid of the rats in the town. But when the townsfolk refused the pay him, he played a tune which made all the children in the town follow him.

Coming back to the map, you need to find and destroy 5 mousetraps that spawn at random locations on the map. There is no set position for each trap and the other appears only when you destroy one.  Once you destroy the 5th trap, a slice of cheese will spawn that you can pick up.

Next, you have to find a cheese wheel that has a piece missing, exactly the size of the piece you acquired. You can find this wheel of cheese at many locations on the map. Once done, take the wheel of cheese to the statue of the piper and watch the Easter Egg unfold.

You will hear a song being played and a swarm of rats will start circling the statue. Once the song stops, the rats will burst to leave behind colored smoke.

Popular video channel GamingRevolution uploaded a video explaining how it works. Take a look:

Easter Eggs have been a part of games for a long time. Also, the map came out only yesterday and players have already found this Easter egg which is commendable. We can’t wait to see what Infinity Ward has in store for us next.

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