Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is going through somewhat of a rough patch right now. From banning a ton of users without much explanation to the extensive size of updates, there has been an immense discontent expressed by fans. While Warzone is still well-loved, Modern Warfare is not at all in the good books anymore.

The problems started following up ever since the Season 4 Reloaded update came out. What began with the huge size of the update is now a mixture of volatile backlash from fans. Exacerbated only by the random uninformed, permanent ban dispersion, the entire situation has now turned bitter. 

Several popular streamers and pro players have taken to twitter to express a feeling of anguish. Modern Warfare is perhaps the top multiplayer game out there right now. Nevertheless, Activision and Infinity Ward have handled this success poorly. One of the other problems revolves around the shifting updates with weapons.

Fans displeased with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

The recent ban scenario is not the first time when hackers were sought out. Activision has tried this before, but this time with much more veracity. The reactions from every dissatisfied player say it all. Surge Octane tweeted about how collectively the game feels destroyed and broken. It is not just hackers or guns anymore, it’s more of an overall feel of the game.

Tfue also tweeted about the guns that need to be toned down. After the latest update, a lot of guns were tweaked, which created an unnecessary issue. Players started complaining about how some guns had been over buffed.

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Activision and Infinity Ward need to come up with a response

The hackers and the ban part itself was dealt with quite clumsily. Right now, players are enjoying the Warzone much more than Modern Warfare. IW and Activision’s attempts at getting a grip has resulted in a lot of collateral damage, and this will not stop until there is some permanent solution posed forward. 

The last tweet from IW was about Warzone, it seems they are still figuring out what to do with Modern Warfare. “This update removes the BR 200 playlist, adds BR Quads back into the submenu, and brings BR Stimulus Trios into the mix!

With very little from the devs, we are hoping that they will step forward with a solution before the situation worsens. 


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