I actually forgot that today was the last reveal for Destiny 2’s Stasis subclasses, concluding with Hunter and its “ice ninja” powers.

While we already kind of knew the information about the Hunter, ie. freezing throwing stars and freezing and shattering ice axes you can slice or throw, there is a lot more information here about new Stasis Fragments and Aspects, and finally, we have our first look at Stasis grenades too.

So, let’s go through them all:

Slow Dodge Aspect – You might have been able to predict this was coming, but as a Stasis Hunter, you can get an Aspect that modifies your dodge to slow enemies around you. Between Sixth Coyote and Gemini Jester, diabolical players are already predicting how to use this in Crucible. Keep in mind you can also pair this with a class-neutral Fragment we saw last week, one that extends your slows, making this even better.

Shatterdive Aspect – Another Hunter aspect, this one allows you to hold O to dive in midair to shatter frozen enemies, similar to how Warlock’s can do Phoenix Dive (exact same control scheme, it seems). No confirmation Hunters might be getting Blink back today, that I can see.

Whisper of Hedrons Fragment – Remember, these are class neutral. For -10 Strength, this gives you a buff to weapon damage for an unknown period of time after you freeze enemies with Stasis. Obviously you can see how this would be useful. Not sure how this will stack with other damage buffs.

Those are the three we got today, and now we move on to grenades, and all three classes share these three options, it seems:

Glacier Grenade – This is the “geometry changing” one that can create walls or platforms. But it does more than that, as it will freeze enemies it hits and you can shatter the ice wall to do more damage after the fact.

Coldsnap Grenade – This is your “homing missile” grenade that can freeze up to three enemies at a time, though the projectile seeks them out in a chain, not all at once. Not sure if this will be insta-freeze in Crucible or not.

Duskfield Grenade – This is the “slow field” grenade we’ve seen in some of the trailers which will slow and eventually freeze anything caught inside. Again, sounds like another Crucible nightmare, but a lot of potential fun.

Bungie does acknowledge how gamechanging the Glacier Grenade is in particular, allowing players to reach new areas or perhaps even make jumping puzzles easier for certain activities.

All of this sounds extremely cool to me, no pun intended, and I’m curious what the next bit of info is we get about Stasis. Namely, I want to know how the element is used in weapons and if enemies are now going to be doing Stasis damage and having Stasis shields all throughout the game or not. More to come.

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