Have you thought which is the most expensive passenger car that Ford currently offers? The GT doesn’t count because a Canadian company builds it and production is pretty limited. The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

The Mach 1 will indirectly replace the GT350R, leaving the GT500 as the most expensive car in the Ford lineup. The supercharged pony starts at $72,900, and you can easily exceed $100,000 with your build by opting for painted stripes at $10,000 and the Carbon Fiber Track Pack at $18,500.

As you can tell from the Facebook post at the end of this story, the Dearborn Fire Department certainly understands how special the Predator V8-engined pony is. “This week we trained on vehicle extrication,” and as part of the training, “it almost broke our hearts to cut up this test vehicle.” Before you get tears in your eyes, remember that prototype cars can’t be sold.

The comments section is similarly interesting to seeing a GT500 in this sorry condition. “Best possible use for a Mustang,” said Jeremy Strey. “They saved countless innocent car show patrons by destroying this pile.” Others weren’t as humorous, adopting a more pragmatic stance. “We used crashed cars so it’s a more real-world experience,” said Rudy Doc Grajeda. “A new vehicle is easy to cut up. Now smash it up and it becomes more difficult.”

Whatever side you’re on, we can all agree that the men and women who do any kind of emergency rescue are worthy of our appreciation. Cutting a GT500 may seem fun to us outsiders, but in a life-and-death scenario, the experience the firefighters got from this training session will save lives.

On a different yet related note, care to guess which is the most expensive GT500 on sale now? A quick search online gets us to Marin County Ford and a fully-loaded example of the breed listed at $199,990. The window sticker reads $105,990 including destination, translating to a markup of $94,000.


Your Dearborn Firefighters train daily. This week we trained on vehicle extrication. It almost broke our hearts to cut…

Posted by Dearborn Fire Department on Friday, October 16, 2020


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