That case study in direct viral marketing called OnePlus has teamed up with
Zack of JerryRig fame, as well as the skin-maker dbrand, to provide us with the first closeup shot of the upcoming
OnePlus Nord phone innards.

Well, sort of, as it’s a dbrand skin on top that is presumably a printed photo of what’s inside, and which we’ve seen leaked before, but the blue battery pack hints that an actual disassembly may find differences between that skin and the real interior of the Nord. 

Still, just as Apple is renowned for engineering a neatly arranged device interior, OnePlus may have decided that this is the way to go, too, and is so proud of its creation that it is showing off the innards to the world.

What we do get to see, though, is the battery capacity of 4115 mAh which coincides with the one that Even Blass from @evleaks tipped not long ago. The 30W Warp Charge technology will also be on board, for a full crack at a decent battery life and fast charging combo for the affordable OnePlus Nord. The company hasn’t done affordable for a while, so color us excited that this thing might see the light of day in the US at some point.


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