Hasbro has announced the largest-ever figure in its Marvel Legends action figure line — but they’re crowdfunding in order to have the funds to manufacture it.

As part of its HasLab crowdfunding platform, Hasbro has revealed designs for a 26.30-inch Sentinel figure (that’s a 6-inch Wolverine figure in the above picture). Teased at the 2020 New York Toy Fair, this all-new Sentinel figure will have 260 individual pieces, 72 points of articulation, and LED lights in the eyes and chest (two AAA batteries not included).

“Its body a towering, technological marvel, the Sentinel scans the world for its quarry, a searching light emanating from its chest, its glowing eyes a warning… and a threat,” reads Hasbro’s description of the character. “Programmed with only one objective, to destroy all mutant life on Earth, the Sentinel will not hesitate, will not falter, and will never ever stop hunting.”

The figure will be packaged with an 18-inch Sentinel ‘tentacle’ accessory, a 6-inch alternate Sentinel Prime head, and a 6-inch Bastion figure.

Although most everyone knows what a Sentinel is from X-Men comic books, movies, or cartoons, Bastion is a more esoteric pick. Introduced in 1996’s X-Men #52, he was revealed to be an amalgamation of the Sentinel Master Mold and an advanced Sentinel from the future called Nimrod.

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Hasbro has set a $349.99 price point for this Sentinel figure, with a minimum threshold of 6,000 backers to the crowdfunding campaign for the figure to be manufactured. (That works out to roughly $2 million) Hasbro has set a deadline of 11:59 p.m. EST on August 24 to reach their minimums.

This is Hasbro’s third crowdfunding figure under the HasLab banner, following successful campaigns for Jabba the Hutt’s Sail Barge (from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi), and Unicron (from Transformers: The Movie).

For more information on this colossal figure, check out the Haslab crowdfunding page.


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