It seems that OnePlus is working tirelessly towards bringing software improvements to the
Just days after releasing an update for the smartphone, the company released yet another version of its proprietary OxygenOS, version 10.5.7.

OnePlus took to its
community forums to announce the update, which is currently rolling out to users in India and other regions globally before making its way to the EU.

The update brings a whole host of improvements, including better battery management, network stability, and Bluetooth connectivity. It also brings improvements for 4K/60fps video capture and still photography with the macro lens.

Importantly, the software update also includes improved display calibration. Since its release, the OnePlus Nord has been plagued with display discoloration issues. The company has said the issues are standard to all comparable OLED panels, but hopefully this new update will help rectify the problem.

The OnePlus Nord launched last month after months of leaks, surfacing as one of the strongest players in the upper midrange field. Priced at under $450 in select markets worldwide (but not in the US), the Nord features a powerful Snapdragon 765G chipset, up to 12GB of RAM, a quad camera setup, and 5G support.


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