Vampyr’s on Switch, but damn… NFS PAYBACK??? Just the other day I was mentioning how I might have long pulled the trigger on PS4 version if not for my reluctance to risk investing a retail price in another case of touchpad-glued essential controls (yeah, Horizon burned me hard last timeđŸ˜…). Now you BET I’ll be giving this an overdue try even though I still have plenty to do in Rivals on the same platform. And big racers are quite rare guests in IGC, too!

@Kienda isn’t PS Now still a thing in a few select countries? Certainly doesn’t cover all of Europe either.

@redd214 most MTX dramas are blown out of proportion, often seemingly betraying the neighsayers’ self-control issues. And few account for the existence of audiences like myself for whom the grindfest alternatives supposedly meant to coerce players to the shop are an unironic selling point in such games, be they freemiums or not. I don’t know how much time I can dedicate to Payback’s grind (it still being a game I’ll have to stream, and Vita’s RP connection rituals like to take their time – not the best pick’n’play environment for RPG routines), but I definitely look forward to getting a good taste of it at the very least.


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