A rare copy of Super Mario Bros. has sold for a whopping $114,000 USD, breaking the record for the single most expensive video game ever sold. Another copy of the same game was auctioned for $100,150 USD last year in February.

Originally released in 1985, the game was made for the Nintendo Entertainment System; the auctioned game was never taken out of its box, and it’s still in the exact condition that it was when it first hit retailers in the ’80s. The “9.4” grading at the top of the box verifies its near-perfect condition. The auction was held at Heritage Auctions, won by an unknown buyer. According to Heritage Auctions, this edition of the game commanded such a price due to its rare cardboard hangtab: the first batch of casings tested in the U.S. market “before plastic was used to seal each game,” so only a few exist today as they “had a production period of just a few months.”

Most recently, Tetris Mobile Game has announced that it will give out $5,000 USD cash prizes in a new “Game Show” feature.


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