Samsung is set to release its most exciting smartphone of the year and the launch date is official. Moreover, we just got our best look yet at it. 

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Upcoming YouTuber Jimmy Is Promo has turned heads by releasing the first hands-on video with Samsung’s stunning Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Not only does it confirm why Samsung will outgun the Galaxy S20 range, it also reveals the most controversial aspect to its new design. 

The best elements align with the stunning Note 20 Ultra image Samsung accidentally posted to its Russian website last week. These include super-thin top and bottom bezels, a smaller punch hole thanks to Samsung reducing the physical size of its front-facing camera, and an enhanced version of the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 108MP camera array with a (much needed) new dedicated focus sensor. 

The downside is the video (see below) shows this rear camera array is massive, seemingly bulging out from the chassis even more than the Galaxy S20 Ultra. As such, it will be impossible to use the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on a flat surface. It is also likely to slide off slick surfaces, given the minimal points of contact the phone will have as a result of this mammoth hump. 

Aside from this, the video shows that Samsung has moved the location of the S Pen and loudspeaker to the left side of the phone (they have been on the right for many years). While delving into settings reveals the Note 20 Ultra will ship with Android 10, despite the fact Android 11 will launch within weeks of its release. History suggests it will be a long wait for Note 20 Ultra to get that upgrade. 

Despite this, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra looks like a tour-de-force of cutting edge hardware. Compared to the Galaxy S20 range we also know it will have an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset, a breakthrough display, upgraded biometrics, 45W charging and superior RAM and storage

With its launch also coming earlier than any previous Note, Samsung should have a hit on its hands. If only the same could be said about the Note 20 Ultra’s troubled little brother


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