Social media apparently wants people to “stay home.”

Disney World reopened on Saturday after closing down towards the end of March. To celebrate the occasion, the company released a video to social media of its employees welcoming guests back to the park.

Unfortunately, social media users had a different take on the footage.

The video was uploaded to the Disney Parks Jobs Instagram account and shows various employees, all wearing masks, saying “Welcome home.” It was captioned, “Cast members are ready to welcome guests back to Walt Disney World Resort.”

Unfortunately, since the workers were all wearing masks over their mouths, it was apparently easy enough for social media users to re-edit the footage.

One user posted on Twitter that they had “fixed” the video and uploaded an edited version of the video. This time, the audio had been replaced to make it look like the cast members were saying “Stay home.”

Other users added horror movie music to the footage. One user wrote, “Reopening in the midst of all the spikes is sketchy. Having people who have covid but are asymptomatic would bring The Thing levels of distrust.” This post contained a version of the video with the score from the 1982 horror movie “The Thing” added.

Another user added the opening scene from the beginning of “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” to the footage, making it appear as if an apocalyptic event had occurred.

These edits appear to reflect growing concerns that some people have amidst an apparent spike in coronavirus cases in Florida. Many of these users of social media appeared to disagree that this was the right time to reopen the park.

On Sunday, Florida set a new national record for the largest daily increase in coronavirus cases in the United States. The state added at least 15,299 positive COVID-19 cases, for a total of 269,811, and recorded 45 more deaths, according to state Department of Health statistics.


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