When this email came through a few minutes ago, I admittedly got a little more excited than one would expect over a $300 tablet. Since the debut of the tiny Chrome OS tablet, we have been anxiously awaiting its arrival and now, the 64GB and 128GB models can both be found at third-party retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart. There is a good reason for the Duet to take the number one spot on our Best of 2020 list in the $0-$300 category and based on consumer response, we aren’t alone in our sentiment. Still, the Duet Chromebook is still absent from Lenovo’s website sans the “coming soon” page that popped up around the time Best Buy received the 128GB model.

Most recently, the Duet has landed on third-party sites in the UK and Australia respectively but again, Lenovo isn’t selling its own product… until today. Jon L. and Mark S. both emailed us to let us know that Lenovo proper was selling the 64GB model on the IdeaPad Duet Chromebook tablet on the company’s website with the device shipping in 2-3 weeks. The only downside, other than the wait time, is that this is the 64GB version but the good news is that it is only £279.99 which is £70 less than the 128GB model at Curry’s PC World and that price includes VAT. Since it is now available on the UK website, I had to check Lenovo US and for just a moment, I thought I had hit paydirt. The Duet is no longer listed under the “coming soon” products but sadly, the listing still says coming soon. Still, it’s likely just a matter of days before we see it on the US website. For our friends in the United Kingdom, you can grab the 64GB model directly from Lenovo today and that’s awesome news. Find it at the link below.

Lenovo Duet Chromebook United Kingdom


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